Volunteer Projects in Cusco, Peru

Being our most noble intention and concern for the needy people, health, sports, native communities, orphanages, sports, native communities, Orphanages, Home for elderly, helping them through the voluntaries, giving their knowledge, love patience, and commitment, leaving a pleasant memory in their hearts. This is an opportunity for the volunteers collaborating with their time in social projects and practicing Spanish with native speakers. After the voluntary work, the organization emits a certificate for the volunteers. The students want to do of voluntary work a professional practice. For all projects, volunteers must have an Intermediate level of Spanish as minimum. If not, they must take Spanish classes until this level is met.


Support the teacher with the children from 03 to 16 years old, in activities like the teaching of English, games, sports, and other tasks.


Support the teacher with children of 03, 04, and 05 years old, in activities like schooling, recreational games, sports, and other tasks


There are lot options like supporting a home for special children or supporting in health centers. Your roll will depend if you are professional or student of medicine.


We support different programs in this area. The volunteers could support a school in ecologic projects or participate in reforestation of trees and making agricultural experiments.

Work with Animals

The volunteers will work take caring animals in a refuge. Other activities may include the areas of cleaning and preparing the food.


Support the teachers of the sports institute, in the variety of disciplines, techniques and exercises. This project teaches sports and physic education to children from 06 to 16 years old.


The volunteers support children of poor communities outside the city of Cusco. Your roll is supporting with workshops, activities, and playing with the kids. Our volunteers work with local base organizations that provide education and support to rural communities.

Girls and Boys Orphanages

The volunteers support the abandoned children and babies building their potential. Their roll is helping with activities of the school, workshops, crafts, ecologic education, playing with the children, and teaching them things from your country. We always seek the support of psychologist volunteers.

Home shelter for teen mothers

The Young mothers are homeless. The mission of this house is giving them the opportunity of enjoying their mother condition in a safe environment where they find all the necessary emotional and material support for their self and their children. Here the volunteers help to bathe the babies, change diapers, feed and play with them. They support with the homework, games, crafts, sports, music, art and more.

home shelter for teenage girls

The volunteers support these girls rescued from the white slavery. These program has the objective of reintegrate this girls to the society. The volunteers may help in the therapy, workshops, design classes, and helping them finding a job. This program specially seeks psychologist volunteers.

Environmental school in a community

Is an ecologic school where there are lot of activities to make like: plant and take caring medicinal herbs, sustainable activities (like solar heating), recycling, creating other activities, and more.

Volunteering in a farm

The principal objective is to preserve the Peruvian species of flora and fauna that are on risk of extinction like the threatened ecosystems, wetlands and migratory bird species through the projection of the biologic diversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, participating with the communities.

Children’s clinic with special needs

Opportunities in the hospitals and clinics of the city, like San Juan De Dios, or rural clinics community hospitals. You will help the medic, working with children with mental and physical difficulties, including burn victims and the elderly population. You will be working with patients of poor families. Please come with the heart and mind opened.

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