Volunteer Abroad in Peru

There is no greater and productive way to learn or improve your Spanish than to combine your lessons with a Volunteering work. Aurora Andina is part of a network of public and private community service institutions. Through these collaborations our volunteers choose from 24 different local projects that offer a range of activities in the areas of: academic and emotional education, art (drawing, painting, ceramics, theater, music and singing) sports, medical assistance, heath services, rural communities, child abuse, domestic abuse, environment, ecology, orphanages, and sexual abuse, among others. Our work is supported by several accreditations and certifications given by the effective services we have provided over the years.
The volunteer program is divided into two parts: an intensive Spanish Course and a volunteer placement. Participants are required to have at least an Intermediate level of Spanish to be placed in a volunteer position. The volunteer will have a marvelous opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the local society and at the same time have an incredible cultural experience.

Volunteering in Cusco

Volunteering is an excellent way to become a part of another culture. As a volunteer, you will no longer be a tourist.

Volunteer Projects

We are connected with a network of various NGOs and projects we arrange our volunteers to work with.


As a volunteer your services are very honorable. The donations go 100% directly to the projects.

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