Elin X. England

Thank you so much for your kindness during my stay in Cusco. It has really been an experience that will stay with me for the whole of my life. The homestay has been so welcoming and has given me the chance to see what life is really like here. The Spanish lessons were really useful, allowing me to consolidate and build on what I already knew which really helped me build me confidence. The teacher created a safe environment where I felt secure to make mistakes and learn from them. It was really interesting to be involved in the volunteering project. I enjoyed getting to know some of the girls at the orphanage personally and helping them with homework and daily tasks. I am looking forward to return to the UK to share my experiences with my own pupils.

Laura T.  Columbia

Aurora Andina has been a very special experience in my life.  It was a blessing to meet such a special organization and to have been able to help to some small extent the lives of so many children. It was so beautiful to see the smiles on their faces every day. This just filled me up and made me so happy and is something that I will miss and always have fond memories of. Thank you for all the attention you gave me. I appreciate everything you did for me. I will never forget the magical time I spent here in Cusco; it will be imprinted on my heart forever. I hope to come back to Cusco and work with you again next year.


Alana C.  USA
This was the best Spanish class I´ve ever taken!  I´ve learned more in two weeks here at Aurora Andina than two semesters of college Spanish! I love my professor.  She is so funny!  I will recommend this school to everyone I know. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful.


Dorthe  S.  Germany              
I was very happy with this school and my Spanish classes. They were always very happy and service-oriented. I very much loved my family and my room.  Your school was a major reason why I felt so comfortable in this country. My professor was very flexible was a great help with all of my problems. Now I am happy in Cusco and I am going to learn more Spanish.  Thanks for everything; I wish the best for you, your family and the school.

Kyoko K. Japan
This is a wonderful and beautiful school. I studied here for only one week. It was a short time but I am very happy to have studied here. My teacher explained things very well and we spoke about many different things. Also, the director was very kind and caring.  I was very happy to meet everyone and would like to come back to the school one day.



Morgan C. USA

I love Aurora Andina! This school is very professional, informative and an AWESOME learning environment! We had the best experience with all of the staff.  Our Spanish teacher taught us more than just the language. When you come to Aurora Andina you become part of a family. I am so grateful for one of the best experiences of my life!



Rachel and Summers, USA

We really enjoyed Cusco. What made our experience better was Aurora Andina.  Your school in AMAZING! We felt safe, which is very important, and loved by everyone. We felt like we made friends and family through your organization. Our teacher was an amazing person and mentor. He teaches more than just Spanish. He relates on many levels and makes the students feel comfortable and welcome no matter what their Spanish level. Because of your organization, I will leave Cusco and feel like I am leaving a family behind. The staff was awesome and helped us to accomplish everything that we wanted to do. Our homestay mom was incredible! Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. I hope your organization continues to grow because people will benefit from your services.


  Emma G.,  England

Firstly, I would like to thank Maria Jesus for her kindness every day I was at the school. The school is very professional and I would recommend it to other students wishing to learn Spanish.  My teacher was wonderful and very skilled. She spent much time making the class very enjoyable.  I would come back to Aurora Andina to improve my Spanish the next time I visit Cusco. I cannot describe the kindness and sympathy I received into words but my memories will stay with me forever.


Alex C. , Australia
Thank you very much for everything.  I was very happy in Cusco. My volunteer experience was very good. Thank you for all that you did, especially helping me find volunteer work in the hospital.



Ewa P., Poland
 I had a great experience in this school. I liked my teachers who really did impress me with their knowledge. The other people who were working here showed so much care and I felt like this was my home. I had a very good time during the classes. The teacher helped me so much to learn Spanish. I think he is a wonderful person, understanding and patient. Thanks to everyone from this organization. I will miss this place, this country and people.


Evelyn G., USA
What a beautiful and unforgettable experience I had! Thank you for paying so much attention to me with a beautiful warm welcome to this wonderful country of Peru. I will never forget the time that I spent with the kids in the orphanage- the girls there really touched my heart in a way that is really hard to put into words. Without a doubt, this was one of the most important experiences of my life. This would not have been possible without your guidance and help throughout my stay.  A thousand thanks to you!


Emma y Raphalla , USA

Thank you Aurora Andina for the great Spanish lessons and the tea breaks! We had an amazing experience here in Cusco and learned a lot thanks to you. Maria Jesus was so happy and so helpful and we always felt comfortable in approaching her with our thoughts and concerns. We loved learning Spanish through music (Bon Jovi!). We also very much enjoyed the day trips to the local markets. It helped us so much to use our Spanish in normal everyday life. We loved our homestay family. They were beyond kind to us. Thanks so much to them and to our new Peruvian little brother and sister. We will definitely recommend Aurora Andina to everyone we know.


Delana E., USA

Thank you for everything. My time here was incredible and I will never forget it. From the moment I arrived, I felt comfortable and at home. Everybody at Aurora Andina was wonderful and I could not have asked for a better organization to work with. The Spanish classes were great and I learned a lot.  My volunteer work as well was unforgettable. The girls at both the orphanage and the Adolescent Shelter were adorable and always happy to see me and incredible to work with. All of these girls have changed my life and I have come to love them as well as Cusco. My homestay family was great and I now have a new “mom” in Cusco. The house was very nice and I felt at home.


Kathryn S., USA

I loved my experience in Cusco. The people are very nice and the land is very beautiful. However, what made my stay even better was your kind hospitality and the Spanish Courses. I have never enjoyed learning Spanish so much in my life. He not only taught us about the language, but also about the culture. That was super helpful. I hope to return to Cusco and take Spanish classes at Aurora Andina again.


The Novak Family, USA

My family and I have taken Spanish courses here for2-4 hours per day. We learned to speak conversational Spanish in just 4 days! I find that amazing!  The entire staff was most accommodating and kind during our brief stay. Our teacher was intelligent yet able to teach Spanish at a very rudimentary level when needed. It was a sincere pleasure taking the course and we HIGHLY recommend it!



Marit Z., Germany

Thank you for everything. I enjoyed my time in Cusco very much. The volunteer work with the boys in the orphanage was unforgettable. I loved it very much. I also loved my Spanish class. The professor taught me a lot and I learned a lot. I am sad that I have to go home!



 Galen R. , USA

 My time here in Cusco has passed by quickly. It is hard to believe my time here and these classes are coming to an end. My teacher was great and a major life-line for me here in Cusco. Our class times have been amazing for me and any student would be lucky to get such a great teacher, person and friend. Taking classes at Aurora Andina has been my favorite part of my trip to Peru.  This school is a great resource and has made my adventure to Peru even better.

Eliza R., USA

I lack the words to say all that I feel. I am very grateful to you for all of the love and time that you share. You have been a friend, mentor and mom to me during my time here. I will never forget this experience. Everyone at this school is very friendly, loving and kind with hearts of gold. Thank you for helping me find the perfect volunteer placement. The kids at the clinic are precious and they taught me as much as I taught them. I hope that my experience with autistic kids helped them and I will take the knowledge I learned at the clinic back to my country to help kids there.    Thank you so much. I will never forget all the wonderful experiences I had.


Rachel and Robert G.,  USA

Aurora Andina has been such an amazing place to come learn Spanish and about the culture of Peru. I came here not knowing any Spanish at all and have learned so much in the past few weeks! I will never forget this incredible experience where I met such wonderful people. I hope to continue learning Spanish even after I leave Cusco. My teacher was amazing and I really love the way he taught. Thank you for everything!


Carmen P., U.S.A.    (art class)

I enjoyed visiting the school. I was very well taken care of. I enjoyed the art class, the visit to the museum and the wonderful hospitality.  Thank you very much for this experience. I recommend this to all Peru visitors. It is well worth it.





Alexandra L., USA (art class)

I loved the oil painting class I took! I learned so much in one week and I am proud of what I have accomplished. Because of this class, I am very comfortable using oils now and I will continue on. Aurora Andina is a great school. Everyone is super friendly and I definitely recommend it to anyone in Cusco. I´ll be back for sure.



Date: 01/09/14
Name: Walter Reubwig

Aurora Andina organization was very good and friendly; on my Spanish classes my teacher was very competent, patient, and friendly. I recommend to other volunteers / students to learn a bit Spanish before coming to Peru. If you have a sensitive stomach, be a bit prepared, and do a tour to Puno. In my homestay Sr. Pinto was very friendly, he helped me every time I had a problem or question. The meals were good, the rooms clean and the house was very secure. I found more than I’d expected.

Date: 08/09/14
Name: Julia Sawnest

The Aurora Andina organization was very good, every time available, good service, felt save!
My volunteer work in the kinder garden it was very good, nice people, nice work. The most surprising thing I experienced was the living in the guest family, the people here were so open minded and it isn’t that unsafe here like I expected it. With my family homestay it was very good safe, the meals were fantastic, I felt so well.
My favorite memory in this trip is the love of the children, and this amazing country.
The most difficult thing I experienced was that the girls in the “hogar” are suffering so much and that it is so dirty there (but how they are changing a lot).
I recommend to other volunteers to bring Presents: chocolate for the children and to use the time to see all the amazing places here. For doing this you should be open minded and interested in getting to know cultures. Also it’s important to speak a good Spanish!
Aurora Andina Muchas, gracias por todo! I had a really great time here. I enjoyed every day. The work, the travel, the people and I lived in the best guest family ever <3! I was really surprised about the service here. I felt safe and well all the time! Thank you so much!!


Date: 18/12/2014
Name: Georg Schumann

My teacher was very very good! And I learn a lot in my classes. My volunteer work was Interesting! I would recommend it to other people. The most surprising thing I experienced was my fantastic home friend – Andres! He is very nice, very nice. My homestay with him was the Best ever! He is the best! Thank you Andres.  I would recommend to the future students or volunteers to be open minded, don’t be afraid! And Work with other volunteer programs to exchange, finally enjoy every second of your trip!
My favorite memory in Cusco was meeting all my new friends here!



Date: 06/02/2015
Name: Mary Pernreiter

Aurora Andina support was great and helped a lot. My teacher Rodolfo is a great teacher with a great way of explaining everything. Thank you so much, I learned a lot in only 2 weeks. I will recommend it!
The most surprising thing i experienced is that it was very sunny in jan/feb :-) and the most difficult thing experienced was that the air pollution is pretty bad I couldn’t breathe on the streets.
Our family homestay was very nice and they cooked 02 different dishes for vegan/ meat-eating people. They spoke good English.

Date:  13/02/2015
Name: Julia Bartels

Aurora Andina Coordinator supports were very helpful. I loved the cooking together and it was great to receive help to book Machu Picchu. My teacher was very affective. In my Spanish classes i learned a lot more in these two weeks, than I expected. I understand a lot and it is possible for me to communicate, thought slowly.
The most surprising thing i experienced was how difficult it was during the first two days to walk around, due to the altitude, how expensive some of the transportation can be, but how cheap it can be as well. The most difficult thing i experienced was the walk from Huaynapicchu to the caverna grande, which was very exhausting and took 4 hours!
I recommend to other Spanish students and volunteers:
-50+ sun protector (a good one from a Pharmacia) is very useful. Even without sun!
-100-300 $ for Machu Picchu!
-Never take the first offer in pricing. For tourists they often charge more.
My family homestay was very, very nice! Ada is the most amazing guest Mom! MY favorite memory in this trip was the workshop in the Museo de chocolate was really fun and the atmosphere there is very nice.

Date: 13/02/2015
Name: Patrili

The Aurora Andina coordinator was Very helpful, especially when trying to plan activities outside of the school (Machu Picchu). My Spanish teacher was very funny, helpful and informative at the same time Rodolfo listened to our wishes and adapted his classes accordingly! Great! I loved the “pausas” because they helped to take Spanish on a conversational level each day, practice new words and overall brought people together! The most difficult thing i experienced was the sickness of altitude in the first few days, the rest was quite brilliant. My family homestay was simply amazing! Very, very nice, lots of different foods adapted and they always asked personal opinion. Secure and every day with lots of communication for learning more, amazing! My favorite memory in trip was In general the culture here and past culture of the Inkas was very interesting to learn about.


Nico Langst 20/02/15
The Aurora Andina coordinator was very helpful and I would prefer them always. The class and the teacher helped me a lot with my Spanish and I’m fascinated how much Spanish I learnt with my teacher Maria. She took all the time I need to understand everything. The most surprising thing i experienced was that kind of learning a language, because I was really scared about going into a land without any basic knowledge about the language and normally I’m very bad in languages in school. Now I won’t be scared anymore to travel alone. The most difficult thing in my journey was to start a tour in a new country totally alone to get save without speaking Spanish. I recommend to future students / volunteers to not buy pullovers or warmth things for Cusco, they have really nice things. And Aurora Andina It’s a great school, with great teachers and coordinators and Cusco is a wonderful city with many small streets to discover. I won’t forget my time here, a lot of thanks for all the people, who made my journey that special. I’m looking forward to see you all again. My family in Cusco was really nice. They tried to give me the feeling from home and helped me whenever I need help. I felt very safe and the food was incredible and so different to the food at home. Aurora Andina does a great job and I’m very glad, that I travelled with them through Cusco.

Martin kohler 20/02/2015
Maria Jesus, the director or Aurora Andina, was very gentile and helpful. Rodolfo is a teacher extraordinary good. I liked his style of teaching and he improved my Spanish a lot. My volunteering was absolutely fitting for me. The work with the kids was absolutely heartwarming and the teachers were absolutely friendly. To help the kids developing their sport was a pleasure.   I had absolutely no problems with the altitude and to come around with busses to the archeological places is quite easy. The most difficult thing i experienced was that most of people have not much sense of recycling and using often the street as a rubbish bin. The meals at my homestay were absolutely delicious, I felt absolutely safe and the host father was very helpful to organize my trips and to improve my Spanish. He is a very kind person. The host mother has a good heart but she over do her anxiety a bit.  My favorites memories on this trip were many…Teacher Hebert from my project, teacher Rodolfo my spanish teacher, and from my weekend trips Pisaq, Machu Picchu, Lago Titicaca and Pikillaqta.

Date: 07/03/15
Name: Beth Schinott

The Aurora Andina Coordinator was Amazing! We loved, loved, loved Maria Jesus! She is a beautiful person. She helped us with everything in a compassionate and friendly way.
I had an amazing teacher called Luz! I feel like she really cared about me, my progress, and tailored my classes and what I wanted to learn. There was no suggestion she wasn’t willing to answer and no question was achieve to task. the most surprising thing i experienced was how we loved the Spanish school!! I couldn’t love this Spanish school more than I do; the classes were challenging and fun! The teachers and Maria Jesus were caring and flexible. We loved every minute at it!!!



Date: 20 marzo 2015
Name: Luise Koch
The Aurora Andina Coordinator and Cusco support was perfect. I really couldn’t have wanted a better one or have some ideas for improvement. Maria Jesus was like a mother always willing to listen. So was Heidi It was a luxury that there was an English speaking secretary. Rodolfo is the best. I was so glad he taught me, my two weeks. Even though I applied for group classes I really enjoyed my personal lessons. The good thing about the school is that they try to not only to teach you Spanish but as well to bring you close to the culture.
The project with kids was hard but worth it, same with the orphanage. We are so blessed with our lives and family’s that I really enjoyed giving those who aren’t that lucky, some of my experiences. I love kids now even more, if that’s even possible and I am so glad, that Maria Jesus could organized me the orphanage project as well.
I recommend to future volunteer or students to do this experience!! A work enriches you in all cases.
My family homestay was better than expected. David and Giovanna were really nice host- parents the relationship warm’s as familiar as expected. My favorite memory of this trip probably the blaze in the eyes of the girls in the orphanage when we play together or the moment when Joana, a little girl, did her first steps toward me. Moments that will stay forever.


Date: 27/03/15
Name: Judith Zeleny
Aurora Andina couldn’t have been better! They offered so much and helped me with everything I needed. I felt really good because I always knew that there is someone if I needed help.
Although I booked the classes as in a group, it wasn’t possible because there were no other students. But this way I learned really quickly because the teacher only concentrated on me. I felt really comfortable with her as if she was an older friend of mine. She had much patience and we had much fun. She gave me much homework but it was ok.


Date: 24/04/15
Name: Tabea Roue.

The coordination was very good. Everything worked fien. Everyone was very open and offered help. The choice of the homestay family was very good (enjoyed the five!) My family was very, very nice. The meals were good! You could come with every question to the family and they helped you.
My teacher was nice and patient when I needed some more time. She did a good job. Thanks.
The most surprising thing I experienced is that I expected that there could be more crime in Cusco but I experienced the city as a safe place.
My favorite memory of this trip was the whole time I spent here. And the nice people I met and the impressions.



Date: 08/05/2015
Jannie Lew

The coordinator Maria Jesus was very friendly and accommodating. My Spanish classes were a one – to – one class and it felt informal and relaxing but I learned a lot because my teacher was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I was expecting a formal class but the setting was unexpected around a table – but delightful and relaxing. Learning a new language is always difficult; my teacher gave me time to practice and homework. I just need to practice more. Learning Spanish in a calm, quiet and relaxing environment is very conducive to learning. I like the break for tea and biscuits where we can chat and practice Spanish.


Date: 18/05/15
Name: Andy Yeo
Maria Jesus was a good coordinator. I felt that I was briefed well before the program. It was also organized well. My class and teacher provided a comfortable atmosphere for learning. The most difficult thing was the language barrier. I recommend to other students and volunteers to bring medicine in case you get sick. Just go with the flow; don’t worry about making a positive impact at work from day 1. My favorite memory was Machu Picchu and walking around Plaza de Armas, and of course working with children.


Date: 01/07/15
Name: Sarah Grout

 The coordination in Aurora Andina is excellent. I always had alternatives for the students. The coordinator Worked with us to replace our materials when they were lost. She was Very welcoming. I  worked thought workbook and finished in time. Diane was always bringing in an outside material like newspapers and text books for us to read which I really appreciated.
The most surprising thing i experienced
How quickly I remembered Spanish I learned in school and how quickly I learned new words since being here. The most difficult thing i experienced was adjusting to the food/diet. I recommend to future volunteers to bring Spanish – English dictionary medical Spanish book if you are working in a clinic as a volunteer.


Tommy Kershaw 10/07/15
The management of Aurora Andina Spanish School was well organized. I really enjoyed the Spanish classes and was able to practice speaking a lot, which made me much more comfortable with the language.
The most interesting of my Spanish course was having the chance to practice outside of the building where class is usually taught. Nothing stood out as being overly difficult.




Collen Fleshman 14/07/15
The management of Aurora Andina was Very good. Everything was well-organized and I appreciated the tea break. My class was very helpful, and my teacher was excellent. She explained things well. It was really interesting practicing conversation and using that as a way to learn Spanish. The most difficult topic in my spanish course was Preterito imperfect. In general I really enjoyed the school and found the lessons very helpful for learning Spanish, especially since the class was only two people and I could ask for classification whenever I didn’t understand.


Karolyn Wood 16/07/15

The management of Aurora Andina Spanish School Director was excellent. My teacher was very nice. I think the most interesting think I learned was about Cusco’s Culture. The most difficult topic in my Spanish course was ‘preterito simple’. I recommend this school because everything was good for me, and I learned a lot.





Thomas Zoller 23/07/15
The Aurora Andina coordinator was great and it was possible to get only a week of language school (out of plan) . I liked my class very much. My teacher Paty was great and has taught me a lot. Even after a few days I am able to talk in Spanish. For a beginner it has been great that my teacher speak Spanish and English.
The people are friendly and I enjoyed the hospitality. The surroundings and the ancient Inca places are amazing. Cusco is quiet safe (safe than Lima). You can take every taxi or bus. The meals in my homestay have been great!
I felt safe all the time and Maria Elena cared very well for her guests. Pisaq and Ollantaytambo have been great. I also enjoyed the hospitality at our house and at the Spanish school.



Carolin Marchelek 23/07/15
The aurora Andina coordinator was Very good, helpful and friendly! J My Spanish class was very good! I’ve learned much Spanish especially I didn’t know any Spanish before. The most surprising thing i experienced was the Peruvian food, especially the cuy  J
I recommend to the students and volunteers to not bring too much, there’s so much nice stuff at the markets and Just have fun and practice your Spanish everyday with your family that helps a lot!
In my homestay I felt like home!! Thank you Maria Jesus. The food was very lovely! I did not have any security problems. I didn’t have any difficulties at all.
My favorite memory in this trip was meeting all the friendly people!


Lauren Somero 14/08/15
We learned a lot in the school. I liked being immersed in the classes. My teacher made the classes more enjoyable. She has a great way to teach, she is hands on in the class and outside. I learned more by going on the streets with her because it was what I’d be doing alone but not understand. The classes were very informative I loved coming to class in the morning and seeing Maria Jesus and Luz. The school is very good and I have learned a lot, without this class I would have been very lost, I liked learning in the school! I liked how they gave us a break, so we can have tea and cookies. Speaking in Spanish has gotten so much easier for me from taking these classes. My teacher was amazing!


Jordan Mccain, August 2015
My spanish classes were so helpful. María Jesús organized my classes wonderfully and gave me the best professor I could ask for. Profesora Luz helped me so much and encourage me to speak spanish, making me so much better at speaking the language. I can honestly say the amount of grammar and vocabulary I have learned during these lessons is amazing. I would recommend Aurora Andina spanish school to anyone trying to learn spanish. My experience was truly great.




Mira Huesmann  26/06/2015
I had two really nice weeks in Cusco. When I came here I couldn’t speak any Spanish. But I learned that much in those weeks!
The first time I came to school I were friendly welcomed and everybody was smiling and open! It happen the same in the Family.
I enjoyed living these for the time very much!
I felt like having people around me who would help me with every problem!
I would never imagine that I could learn that much of the language in such a short time!
Thank you very much! – muchas gracias!


Stephanie Hanna 14/10/15
I spent 04 weeks in Cusco. It was amazing, and these Spanish classes really helped me get around the area and work in the clinic. I was one on one with the instructor the entire time. I think because of this, I was able to learn so much more. I would highly recommend these courses.
Thank you very much for all you have taught me!!
Muchas gracias!




Mark Rudolph 23/12/15
I had a great time at Aurora Andina! I was originally sign up to do 02 weeks of Spanish lessons but added a third because my instruction was great. I came with strong base in Spanish, but my instructor and I made a very strong review over all the grammar and improved what I had already learned. The tea and cookies were very much appreciated every day. The environment in the school was very welcoming which is always nice when in a new country. In the end i highly recommend Aurora Andina and I’m very pleased with my choice.



Ciara Malchin 22/12/15
I spent 03 weeks in the Aurora Andina Spanish School and afterwards one month as a volunteer in the “Amantani” children home. I had Spanish lessons together with my friend Berit. Our teacher, Profesora Luz, taught us much grammar, because we came without any knowledge, and communicated with us in Spanish. While this time I learned a lot and I think for this short time my Spanish is ok. But I really liked the cookies and the tea everyday! And, as well, the nice conversations with Iris, Luz and Maria Jesus. The time in the childrens home was also a great time! I really liked the kids and I had much fun with them. But there was also much work to do… All in all, I enjoyed the whole time with Aurora Andina! You are very caring and very lovely! Thank you heart emoticon

Berit Riecke 22/12/15
I spent 02 months with Aurora Andina in Cusco. 03 weeks at the Aurora Andina Spanish School and Afeterwards 04 weeks at the childrens home “Amantani” I learned a lot in the Spanish lessons by profesora Luz. The work at Amantani was really nice but also exhausted, but I love the kids and we had so much fun there. All in all I had a really nice time in Cusco and enjoyed that time a lot. Thank you to Maria Jesus and Iris who cared of me when I was ill and helped me to get medecin. heart emoticon Thank you




Judith Schlarp 18/03/2016
I spent 04 weeks at the Aurora Andina Spanish School in Cusco. My heart emoticon time here was very great and i learned a lot. Before I came to Peru I only know a few words in Spanish, but in this 04 weeks one-person intensive language course I’ve learned very much. My teacher was profesora Luz and she is absolutely fantastic. We always had very much fun together! Furthermore Iris and Maria Jesus are very cute and amicable persons. I had a very great time at Aurora Andina and I can’t believe that my time here is over I just want to say thank you so much!! I will miss all of you a lot. Muchos besos! Judith.



Laura Hoffmann 09/04/16
Thank you so much for this wonderful time her in Cusco. All the people in Aurora Andina were friendly and I learned a lot the past weeks. I’m so lucky to know you. Thank you for everything. Kisses, Laura.

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