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Aurora Andina Spanish School and Volunteer Abroad was founded in 2005. We began developing our organization in the towns of Calca and Urubamba with the intent of providing social services for those less fortunate, with the help of international volunteers. We realized that language was an important factor in communication between the volunteers and local people in the projects. For this reason we created the Spanish school, which facilitated our goals to create deeper relationships, open more opportunities and do better work. In 2007 we moved our base to Cusco where we continue to have the opportunity to support other projects.



Aurora Andina is a Non Profit Spanish School in Cusco, Peru with the mission of teaching the Spanish language; promote Peruvian and Latin American Cultures aiming at a multicultural Integration. To reach its purposes, Aurora Andina develops volunteering and internship programs for international corporations, groups or individuals, eager to participate in Cusco`s social programs in areas like education, arts, medical assistance, health services, rural communities, childhood and domestic violence, young mothers and children, environment an sustainable tourism, ecology, street children, orphanages, among others. Our organization provides volunteering programs and offers homestay in family environment and spanish lessons, so you can have a more closer interaction with the culture and know in a deeper sense the ways of Cusco`s people. Aurora Andina also offers other courses for integral education and cultural immersion like: Quechua (the native language), Inka pottery, Cuzquenian Architecture, Salsa, Arts, etc. .[/tab] [tab id=2]Our GoalsOur organization aims to provide volunteer work in different projects, provides Spanish immersion courses, promote Andean culture through family homestays, while providing an opportunity for people of different cultures to interact. Aurora Andina is committed towards helping communities within developing countries to have the same opportunities as their developed counterparts. We sincerely believe we can achieve this at a grass roots level by having volunteers interact directly with local communities. Our hope is that our volunteers gain a better sense of their role within the global community by directly contributing their time and energy into these developing worlds. Aurora Andina staff consists of former volunteers who have enjoyed the life-changing experiences we hope you will also come to have by living and working in a new country. Because our staff live locally, we are able to keep costs low and our focus on local needs. .[/tab] [tab id=3]Our vision is to give and receive. This idea is an Inkan concept, called Ayni which refers to the reciprocity between people. Below are the first projects in Urubamba and Calca. (Left) Alejandro trained workers to operate heavy construction machinery. (Right) Our first international volunteers work with kids at a sports institute.


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