Volunteering at homeshelter of teen moms and their babies

Volunteers support teen mothers to finish their studies or finding a job while take caring of their children.

Adolescents girls homeshelter

Located in the city of Cusco, this is a home for teenage mothers, who find themselves in vulnerable family situations or who are in any type of danger. This shelter serves as both a temporary and a permanent home for the teen mothers and their babies. The teen mothers here are poor and without possibilities of finding a job and most of them are homeless. This home take care the children of this mothers while they are studying or working. For all the children, this home attends to their material, emotional and spiritual needs as well as their education in a home-like environment.

The main priority is to reinsert the teen mothers into the society giving them an occupation and basic studies.

The goal is to provide individualized and specialized treatment, adapting those girls with their kids to a productive society.

Volunteers will do the following (according to their abilities and desires):

At the end of your time, you will receive a Certificate of Volunteer Work.

If you would like more details or more information please 

 Volunteer helps the teen moms with their handicraft job

Volunteer taking care of the kids at the home shelter


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