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Useful information on Volunteering in Peru

Thank you for choosing Aurora Andina Spanish School. This booklet is designed to provide you with all the information you will need for an enjoyable, hassle free time in Cusco. Take the time to read through the handy tips and suggestions provided.
We guarantee that you will have the experience of a lifetime in Cusco, Peru!

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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy in Peru
Tips for staying healthy while traveling in Peru.

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Passports and Visas

Homestays in Cusco
If you are traveling to Peru and Latin America, you should consider  visa  and passport  requirements.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Peru
It is necessary that you have comprehensive travel insurance when traveling to Peru.

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Money in Peru
Here you have some important tips to use your money wisely.

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Luggage & Equipment

Luggage and equipment
Find advice for avoiding lost luggage and other baggage  problems.

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Other Information

Travel information
Important things you need to know before arriving to Peru.



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