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Aurora Andina – Terms and Conditions

We request that all volunteers and students are fully aware of the nature of living in Peru as well as the nature of the project they will be working with. We invite you to read the information supplied on our website and other materials easily found on the internet.
By making an application for a volunteer placement or Spanish class you are considered to have agreed to all the terms and conditions in this document without exception.

Limited Responsibility

Aurora Andina is not responsible for additional expenses caused by loss, theft, injury, damage, accidents, malfunctions, cancellations or delays. All such losses or expenses will the responsibility of the volunteer or student. Please note that your program is subject to change due to weather conditions or delays of flights, buses, trains and political disputes. Aurora Andina will do their best to re-accommodate.

Payment terms

A deposit of US $100 is required within 7 days of acceptance of your application. The remainder of the payment is due upon arrival to Cusco.

Changes and Refunds

Aurora Andina reserves the right to make small changes to the hours and duties of your volunteer program and to your homestay.   This is for the safety of our volunteers, students, staff and families and to allow the projects to be flexible.

Volunteers and students, who voluntarily give up any service included in the program, will not receive any kind of refund.

Child Protection Policy

All volunteers that work with Aurora Andina are required to sign our Child Protection Policy. This is to protect both the volunteers and the children. Please see the €œChild Protection Policy € section.

Code of conduct

The Aurora Andina code of conduct requires that volunteers, students and staff must:

Termination of Volunteer Program or Spanish Classes

If the volunteer or student is considered to have committed gross misconduct or any serious breach of the Aurora Andina code of conduct occurs, the volunteer or student may be removed. This will be effective immediately and no compensation or refund will be forthcoming in these circumstances.


Due to the nature of Peru, the standards of accommodation and hygiene will be to local standards and may, in some cases, be below Western standards.


It is a condition of booking that you purchase adequate Accident and Medical insurance to cover the entire duration of your trip before coming to Peru. We DO NOT provide any type of insurance. If a volunteer or student becomes ill we will do all that is necessary to get them the proper treatment, including hospitalization if applicable/necessary. These costs will be assumed by the volunteer or student.

If you are planning to participate in any activity outside of Aurora Andina considered “risky” by the Insurance Company – trekking, climbing, rafting, etc. – make sure that these are included in your policy. Please remember to bring a copy of the Policy Document with you.   Aurora Andina is not responsible for any activity outside of your program.

Health and Medical Consent

You MUST be in general good health in order to participate in our program. It is the responsibility of each volunteer or student to bring whatever specific medications they need. Please keep in mind you are coming up to 11,000 feet /3,400 meters above sea level and you may need altitude sickness pills.

Visit your doctor for your vaccinations, tell your doctor where you will be going and that you will be working with children and / or animals, you can then discuss the vaccines required. Some vaccines can take months to become active so please consult your doctor at the earliest possible opportunity.

You agree that Aurora Andina, project staff or host family may give medical consent for you to be treated if you are unable to give that consent for yourself due to your medical condition.

Visas and flights

You are solely responsible for arranging all your visa and transportation needs to reach the projects. We will not be held liable for your being refused access to any country or transportation due to failure by you to obtain the correct documentation.

Aurora Andina, partner organizations or host families will not be responsible for any extra costs incurred due to flight cancellations or delays.

Force Majeure

Aurora Andina will not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions in the case of Force Majeure. We cannot accept liability, pay compensation or meet any additional costs or expenses of the volunteer or student in these situations. This is any circumstance beyond the control of Aurora Andina which results in us being unable to provide the services we have agreed to supply. This is defined as, but not limited to, war, the threat of war, acts of God, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, nuclear accidents and government acts.

Complaints Procedure

If the volunteer or student is not satisfied with any of our services, Aurora Andina will always do everything possible to help and rectify the situation.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to take all necessary steps to notify our staff and partners of anything you are dissatisfied with at the time in order to give us the opportunity to put things right before it is too late.


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