Voluntariado en deportes

This project provides sports and physical education to kids from 6-16. Volunteers can choose from basketball, soccer, volleyball, karate, taekwondo or gymnastics.

You can help by supporting the coach with drills and activities that enhance the student´s eye hand coordination as well as their motor skills. Volunteers help the coach with teaching the rules and etiquette of sports to the kids while imparting an optimistic and supportive environment in which they can play and learn. They also help to stretch the student’s qualities such as timeliness, sharing and good-sportsmanship. Volunteers also help the coach to ensure a safe and fun experience for the kids. Traits of our volunteers include creativity, flexibility, patience and persistence.

If you would like more details or more information please send us a mail.

Practicing Sports help children to gain confidence.

Sports help children with their motor skills.

Los deportes ayudan a los niños con sus habilidades físicas.


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