Special Needs Children’s Clinic

This clinic receives both volunteers and medical interns. They also receive medical professionals. They do not offer overnight inpatient services.

Volunteer: For everyone that wants to help. All that is required is a lot of love and patience with the children. (You do not need to have any prior medical knowledge).
Volunteer Intern: For students who have graduated from High School and will be studying medicine at the university level. First Aid training is required. You can work in Triage, help with Ultrasounds, work in the clinic and perform other activities in coordination with the doctors.
Volunteer Student Intern: For students who are already in college. First Aid training is required. At this level, you can enter into examination rooms to observe and help in coordination with the doctors.
Volunteer Professional Intern: For those who have graduated from college with a Medical degree. You can work in various areas according to your interests and in coordination with the doctors.
Volunteer Professional: For those already working in the medical profession. They most urgently need Rheumatologists, Dentists, Dermatologists and Psychotherapists.
Prerequisites: You should have a white lab coat, mask, gloves and if possible a blood pressure cuff. You can buy all of these in Cusco.
At the end of your time, you will receive a Certificate of Volunteer Work.
Donation Required
If you would like more details or more information please contact us.




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