Special Courses

In addition to our regular Spanish classes, we also offer other types of class such as follows:

Quechua lessons

Inka Native Language

Quechua is a native language of the Andes that engenders great interest across the world. We offer an education program tailored towards language lovers that focuses on comprehension of both the oral and written form of the Quechua language.

Lessons of Andean chant and musical instruments

This course is a real treat for all serious musicians and music lovers. It is specially designed by the excellent Andean band “Expression” for qualified musicians. The courses are tailored towards musicians who want to understand the correct interpretation of Andean instruments and to learn how to play them professionally.

Art courses

It is important to highlight the artistic legacy that our ancestors have left us here in Peru. Works of unbelievable human creativity, admired throughout the world, can be found in Cusco.

Aurora Andina

Spanish Courses

Volunnteer Abroad


Activities & Excurrsions

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