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In all of our courses we offer the following class structures:

Individual Spanish lessons

These are one-on-one and highly recommended as learning will be much faster. This course is highly personalized to address the individual es personal needs and concerns. This course is designed for students who want to learn Spanish in a short period of time. The methodology focuses on the skills of speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar, etc. There will also be weekly activities.

Semi-Individual Spanish lessons

These are set-up with 2 people or a couple who are at the same level. You can choose the number of hours and days you would like to study Spanish. You may also choose areas you would like to focus on.

Group Spanish Lessons

The Group Spanish Course is our most requested program because they are designed to learn Spanish as quickly as possible. These classes are given completely in Spanish for all levels.

Weekly activities of the Spanish Lessons

We have several weekly activities like:

  • Peruvian Cooking classes:
  • In this activity the students with their teacher attend to a practical class of Peruvian cooking with a professional chef. The Peruvian food is very delicious and colorful.
  • Salsa Dance classes:
  • The salsa lessons are fun the dance teacher make a group or partner dance class depending on the preferences of the students.
  • Cultural speeches:
  • the cultural speeches are given by known investigators that come to the city o made a research about cultural aspects of the city.

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