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Quechua, the language of the Inkas, is spoken today by about 13 million people in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, northern Chile, Colombia and northern Argentina. The majority of Quechua speakers live in Peru (with the highest concentration in the Cusco area) where it is an official language. There are a variety of dialects, but the Quechua spoken in Cusco is the most important. Its origin is unknown and its linguistic structure is unlike any Indo-European language.

This course is designed for students who want to study Quechua for reasons such as research, work, culture, etc. If you are researching in the Andean mountains, speaking the Quechua language is essential in order to interact with the local people.

All of our teachers in this program are native Quechua speakers. They will teach you both grammar and conversation.

Students are introduced to Quechua language in the context of the Andean culture. They learn basic vocabulary to build small dialogues. We teach both written and spoken Quechua and introduce basic grammar structures while focusing on the development of speaking and reading skills. Our teachers put a lot emphasis on improving the students’ conversational skills
The students will learn the 3 main grammatical tenses (past, present and future). The teachers put emphasis on conversational skills and increasing vocabulary. The students will be able to speak with Quechua speakers about any subject, but with limitations of vocabulary.
[tab id=3]Improves conversation abilities and builds up vocabulary and reading ability in Quechua. Our students are able to speak fluently. We read about Inca history and legends, traditions, Inca society, etc. The students know all the Quechua grammar and can build complex sentences.

We work within the technical recommendations of the Academy of the Quechua Language and teach with a proven methodology which includes the study of grammar, writing and phonetics as well as social visits and interaction with Quechua speakers.


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