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Aurora Andina offers Individual Spanish Classes for students who would like more personalized attention with an accredited Spanish professor. These classes are given completely in Spanish for all levels. These classes offer great flexibility and can be adapted to your needs. This is a wonderful option for those who are looking for more personalized attention and more rapid learning. Your professor will guide you and prepare a program specifically designed for you to help you achieve your goals. Additional activities may also be organized including cultural excursions to complement and reinforce the curriculum. For more information on Aurora Andina ´s Individual Classes,

2016 Pricelist and Information

1 week Super Intensive: $255
Intensive: $170
Part-Time: $85

Practical Information

Duration From 1 week
Frequency Super Intensive: 30 individual classes
Intensive: 20 individual classes
Part-Time: 10 individual classes
Class Size 1 student
Classes Begin Every Monday
Level All levels
Age Minimum of 16
Minutes per Class 55

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