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Our Group Spanish Courses are our most requested programs because they are designed so that students learn Spanish as quickly as possible. These classes are given completely in Spanish for all levels.

These Spanish Courses are taught using an interactive teaching method. The professors use practical everyday situations that require interaction and communication between students.

Group Spanish classes focus on all aspects of the Spanish language and theory, from grammar exercises to reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students practice Spanish through a wide range of activities including reading articles from the newspaper, discussing current affairs, playing games, watching movies, singing songs, visiting museums and markets, etc.

Aurora Andina encourages students to immerse themselves in the culture of Peru and Cusco in particular and to practice speaking Spanish as much as possible. To facilitate this, we offer a wide variety of optional courses that can be combined with the Group Spanish Course. These classes include activities like native Andean dance, salsa dancing, music, Andean musical instruments, Peruvian cooking, archeo-astronomy, art, drawing, and ceramics.

If you would like more details or more information about these courses please contact us.

2014 Pricelist and Information

1 week Super Intensive: $255
Intensive: $170
Part-Time: $85

Practical Information

Duration From 1 week
Frequency Super Intensive: 30 individual classes
Intensive: 20 individual classes
Part-Time: 10 individual classes
Class Size 1 student
Classes Begin Every Monday
Level All levels
Age Minimum of 16
Minutes per Class 55

Top spanish courses

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