Girls and Boys Orphanages

Volunteers support children developing their potential

Located in the city of Cusco, this is a home for girls, boys and adolescents who find themselves in vulnerable family situations or who are in danger of parental neglect or negligence. This shelter serves as both a temporary and a permanent home. The children here are sent by Child Protection Services, Juvenile Court of the District Attorney´s office. Whenever possible, siblings are kept together. This home also helps children with special needs. For all the children, this home attends to their material, emotional and spiritual needs as well as their education in a home-like environment.

The main priority is to reinsert the children into their families and every attempt is made to locate and provide support to birth families. If this is not possible after an investigation by the Regional General Adoption Agency, they look for an adoptive family As children in need of care much higher than that of those born in a standard home environment, the goal is to provide individualized and specialized treatment, adapting to the latest trends in residential care.

Volunteers will do the following in both orphanages (according to their abilities and desires):

Volunteers at girls orphanage helping them with their school homework .

Lovely Volunteer Andrea Moroz giving donations to a girl orphanage

Volunteer at boys orphanage helping them with their school homework.

Boys playing with Volunteers




Aurora Andina

Spanish Courses

Volunnteer Abroad


Activities & Excurrsions

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