Accommodation for students and volunteers

Aurora Andina offers accommodation in family houses, homestays. Homestays include lodging and all the daily meals in a family environment. Diets are balanced and the needs of everyone can be catered for, vegetarians, or those who have particular dietary requirements for medical or religious reasons.

The experience of living with local families will give you the opportunity to practice the Spanish language and allow you intimate insight the culture. You will share meals, conversations, experiences and even holidays with your Peruvian family. You are also likely to meet other volunteers there. All the families whom collaborate with us have been evaluated and trained to provide the necessary to the needs of students from overseas and there is always someone in the family who speaks English and will be able to help you if necessary.

The accommodation will be close to your voluntary project. We also place you with a family that best suits your preferences: whether you like children (or not!) or pets will be taken into consideration, as will the average age of the family members. If you want to share your time with a big family or perhaps a couple without children, please tell us and we will find the most suitable family for you. We also offer hotel and hostel accommodation as well as rented furnitured apartments.




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